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/5/2018White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles are sweet, creamy, full of flavor and made with only 5 ingredients. These Raspberry Truffles are a perfect treat for upcoming fall and winter season.

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/15/2018This White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe is the perfect twist on your favorite cheesecake dessert. Creamy white chocolate and tart raspberry sauce help make this White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe the best cheesecake you will ever have!

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/2/201722. Add about half of the white chocolate mousse on top of the raspberry filling and spread into an even layer. 23. Add the second cake layer and another layer of raspberry filling and white chocolate mousse. 24. Top the cake with the remaining layer of cake. 25. Frost the outside of the cake. For help with frosting a smooth cake, please see my

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/29/2016Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies is a new invention of mine and I want to share it with all of you! I make a lot of treats at my house and there are quite a few that I love, but even with all of the fancy treats I have made, I still feel like chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

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/7/2018White chocolate raspberry cake: the process. The white chocolate cake layers are simple to make because we use a box mix doctored up with sour cream and pudding. I used white chocolate pudding but you can substitute vanilla or cheesecake—just as long as it’s white-ish—if you don’t have white chocolate pudding on hand.

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/12/2017This Raspberry White Chocolate Loaf Cake is dotted with fresh raspberries, white chocolate chunks, and finished with a sweet white chocolate glaze. Most people think of the classic dark chocolate raspberry, but I am telling you, white chocolate is the way to go with this cake! It is incredible.

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/11/2018Raspberry White Chocolate Scones. Many fans of this recipe say these are the most delicious scones they’ve ever tasted. They have become a regular, must-have weekend brunch item for many people who’ve tried them.

Raspberry and white chocolate

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/1/20168-inch baking pan with foil, leaving enough overhang on the sides for lifting the brownies out after baking.

Raspberry and white chocolate

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Raspberry White Chocolate Bars. Raspberry bars with snow white chips and red raspberry preserves create a fairy tale of a bar.

Raspberry and white chocolate

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Then fold in your melted butter and white chocolate, followed by flour and raspberries - think of it like making a brownie. It only took about 22 mins to bake in my fan oven at 160. Instead of the ganache, I sandwiched it simply with raspberry jam and whipped up double cream for a lighter take on it (a few comments said it was too sweet with

Raspberry and white chocolate

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/15/2017 white chocolate.

Raspberry and white chocolate

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Raspberry and white chocolate. A pairing so good it deserves its own showstopper. This ‘naked cake’ recipe from She Who Bakes looks elegant and tastes delicious.

Raspberry and white chocolate

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/2/2018White Chocolate Raspberry Macarons are made with Italian Meringue Macaron shells, White Chocolate Ganache, and a fresh raspberry. The flavor of macarons can be customized by changing the raspberry to any other berry or fruit.

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/4/2016Creamy White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, complete with a homemade chocolate cookie crust and fresh whipped cream. This one is a showstopper! Hello from the coffee shop!